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Your next job as a SEO Front-End Developer

If you do not comply with the minimum years of project experience per stack, there is no use in applying.

  • 5+ years experience as frontend developer
  • Vue.js (4+ years experience)
  • Nuxt.js (3+ years experience)
  • Search engine optimisation frontend (3+ years)
  • Google analytics (prefered, 2+ years)
  • Javascript (5+ years experience)
  • HTML/CSS/ (5 years experience)
  • Bootstrap (5 years experience)
  • Tailwind CSS (1+ years experience)
  • English: intermediate+
  • Active communicator
  • When we talk about years of experience, we mean years of project experience at the client side.

Fast scaling company

Excellent renumiration

Fully remote

40 hours /week

Full description SEO Front-End Developer

About the company

The company is a Dutch e-commerce company. They build and maintain an online platform to connect to airport services across the world and sell these services to airport travelers. The company employs 70+ people and is growing fast, year on year (Y2Y) basis 100%+. They have the financial resources to extend services on the platform and invest in new.
On the platform the total frontend needs to be redesigned and rebuit to Vue/Nuxt. Example of projects are pricing-yield module, payment proces, administration, personal environment etc..






Something else

About the team

They currently work with a development team of 20+ developers partly remote and partly from the office consisting of 10+ Vue/Nuxt frontend developers, 10+ backend laravel/Node developers, 2 Q&A’s, a product owner and a Devops.


They are expanding their remote team further and are looking for remote 2 SEO frontend developers. The team works according to the scrum-cycle and handels building new functionality, extending existing functionality, bugfixing, refactoring and redesign. Currently they are transforming to microservices. The team is coached by a CTO with long experience in leading remote teams and technically scaling e-commerce platforms.

The SEO front end developers colloborate with stakeholders from the Digital marketing team and CRO team to optimize the search engine frendliness of the technical side of pages, url structure etc. to drive more traffic to different landingpages. Conversion rate optimisation by using A/B testing is done by the CRO team.

They would like to expand their remote team with 2 SEO front end developers and are looking for candidates. With experience in Vue.js (4+ years), Nuxt.js (3+ years) and 2+ years of optimising the technical side for searchengines. Tailwind experience would be a huge plus but being proficient with Bootstrap is minimum required.


Back end Devs


Front end devs


UX/UI designers



About you

We are looking for medior-senior SEO frontend developer creating high quality HTML and CSS (Tailwind, Native, Responsive). Besides the technical part of frontend you also have a experience making pages search engine frendly. You know the rules search engine use to rank pages from the technical, content, link and UI perspective. You have experience working with Google analytics to see how your changes impact traffic and bounce rate. Bottom line is your page should be user frendly so visitors can do their job and find on your website what they need.
You can work independent and have experience working remote in international teams.

The company is growing fast. Therefore we can offer you opportunities to be involved in various aspects of the company. In short, a great opportunity to discover and develop your own qualities!

Lead the team

Improve performance

Connect suppliers

API expert

Technology stack (strict requirements)

  • Front-end
  • Vue.js (4+ years of experience)
  • Nuxt.js (3+ years of experience)
  • Experience in optimising frontends based on the rules search engines apply in their algorithm (3+ years)
  • Understanding and following the latest SEO guidelines.
  • Assisting with integrations to enhance or maintain SEO competitiveness.
  • Updating the frontend team and digital marketeers on SEO standards and changes.
  • Native Javascript (5+ years of experience)
  • HTML/CSS/Bootstrap (5 years of experience)
  • TailwindCSS (1+ year of experience)
  • Experience with Node.js would be a huge plus
  • Version control: GI
  • Our development team uses Scrum and Jira.

For the new product, the whole frontend of the platform needs to be build, based on design. So if you like to work on a new project with challenges and for a long time you should definitely apply. We are mainly interested in developers with expertise in front-end. Developers will work on new projects and a variety of tasks, ranging from redesign, new features, bugfixes to maintenance.

We are currently NOT open to candidates that donot match the requirements for example who have used technologies like Angular. For these look at our website for jobs.

6+ years experience

4+ years experience

3+ years experience

2+ years experience

Soft skills

What is important besides your technical expertise is your soft skills. You are an active listener meaning you are familiar with asking questions to get to know what is required and you have good communication skills (orally and written). You are experienced in working remote for English speaking customers. You know you better communicate too much than too little, with your team, to deliver your part of the platform. Your level of English conversation is intermediate+. You need to be able to discuss in English your ideas, proposals with the development team and stakeholders. If this is a problem you donot have the required level in English. Further you are a person who is curious and eager to learn and you take initiative. You are easy in connecting and collaborating with other team members.

We are looking for SEO minded Frontend developers who can work disciplined, remotely on frontend tasks helping the company be more visible in searchengines. You ask the right questions to build the right pages/features.

During the proces you have the opportunity to show your expertise via a challenge and get feedback on the work you delivered.

Listen and lead

Connect and learn

Open book

Strong communicator

English level

Your level of English conversation is intermediate+. You need to be able to discuss in English your ideas, proposals with the development team and stakeholders. If English communication is a problem, you do not fit in this position. Further you are a person who has seniority, is curious to explore new tech and eager to learn and you take initiatives. Your prefer a structured working style with attention to details. You are easy in connecting and collaborating with other team members.

Hiring Process
1st interview with the recruiter
2nd doing tech assignment where your Tech experience and insights are tested
3rd Tech interview with Lead frontend develoepr and CTO to explain choices in your code and discuss tech issues.
4th Contract

1+ year contract (we are looking for fulltime hire for the long term).
3 month trial period (evaluation after 1st month)
After trial period 1 month notice
Payment is net (Bank transfers are paid for by TechTalent4Growth)

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