For a fast growing platform we are searching for DevOps /SRE(Medior)

Summary of strict requirements:

  • Experience in working with cloud Tech (eg. AWS, Google, Azure) (4+ years)
  • Experience with Docker (4 years) and Kubernetes (3 years)
  • Experience with Site reliability engineering (SRE)
  • Experience with high traffic and high availability platforms
  • Experience with multi region setups
  • Excellent knowledge of linux (5+ years), scripting (5 years) and tooling involved to make CI/CD fly
  • English: intermediate+
  • Active communicator
  • When we talk about years of experience we mean years of project experience at the client side.

Extensive descripion DevOps position (Remote, EU based)

About the company
The company is a Dutch e-commerce company. They build and maintain an online platform to connect to airport services across the world and sell these services to airport travelers. The company employs 70+ people and is growing fast, year on year (Y2Y) basis 100+%. They have the financial resources to extend services on the platform and invest in new. They are currently active in 14 countries in the EU, USA and Australia and are growing fast to become the no. 1 platform for air travelers.

About the team
They currently work with a development team of 20+ developers partly remote and partly from the office consisting of 10+ backend developers with laravel and node.js experience, full stack laravel / Vue developers. The frontend team consist of 10+ Vue/Nuxt developers. Besides the team has 2 Q&A’s and a productowner (PO). The team works according to the scrum-cycle and handels building new functionality, extending existing functionality, bugfixing, refactoring and redesign. Currently they are replacing part of laravel code with microservices (node.js). The team is coached by a highly experienced CTO in leading remote tech teams and technically scaling ecommerce platforms.

About you
To be able to grow fast, new features needs to be implemented and different stakeholders will be involved. The current Laravel codebase is reaching its limits. It is too slow, it is not decoupled and the codebase is difficult to maintain with larger teams. Therefore the choice to move to microservices!
Our new architecture will depend heavily on Kubernetes and microservices. Also we need to improve our continous delivery.

As SRE you ensures that the services internally, critical and externally, visible have reliability, uptime appropriate to users needs and a fast rate of improvement.

In your position as DevOps/SRE, you will:

  • Implement Kubernetes and Docker for local, test and staging;
  • Rebuild and maintain our CI/CD system;
  • Make our Continuous delivery strategy fly;
  • Monitor our internal services and external services and improve uptime and performance based on users needs;
  • Setting up performance and security kpi’s;
  • Implement and monitor performance dashboards, triggers and SLA’s;
  • Implement performance tests and help us with (auto) scaling up;
  • Advice and help us to decide if we should stay with Google Cloud or move to AWS.

The company is growing fast. If you have what it takes we can offer you opportunities to be involved in the growth of the online platform. In short, a great opportunity to discover and develop your qualities!

Your Tech experience

  • Highly experienced working with cloud Tech (eg. AWS, Google, Azure) (4+ years)
  • Highly experienced working with Docker (4+ years) and Kubernetes (3+ years)
  • Experienced working as Site reliability engineer
  • Experienced in incident response and production improvements
  • Experienced in managing end-to-end availability and performance of mission critical services
  • Experienced with high traffic and high availability platforms
  • Experienced with platforms with multi region setups
  • Excellent knowledge and experience of linux (5+ years), scripting (5 years) and tooling involved to make CI/CD fly
  • Version control: GIT
  • Our development team uses Scrum and Jira.

We are only interested in SRE/Devops who have the knowledge and necessary experience to help us grow. During the proces you have the opportunity to show your expertise via a challenge and get feedback on the work you delivered.

We are currently NOT open to candidates that donot match the requirements for example who are not skilled in Cloud technologies.

Soft skills
What is important besides your technical expertise is your soft skills:

  • You are an active listener meaning you are familiar with asking questions to get to know what is required and needs to be delivered.
  • You have good communication skills (orally and written).
  • You are experienced in working remote for English speaking customers. You know you better communicate too much than too little, with your team, to deliver your part to make the platform a success for clients.
  • You ask for help when you need it or discuss problems with your colleagues if you cannot solve them yourself.
  • your working style is that you pay attention to details and work accurately also with high workloads. Everything you do, you test and check before you deliver for review.
  • Further you are a person who has seniority, is curious to explore new tech and eager to learn and you take initiatives.
  • You are a fast learner, curious and interested in new (r)evolutions in cloud/software.

Your level of English conversation is intermediate+. This means you need to be able to discuss in English your ideas, proposals with the development team and stakeholders. If this is a problem for you, you are in English below the required level.

Finally you are a person who is curious and eager to learn and you take initiative. You are easy in connecting and collaborating with other team members.

Hiring process
1st interview with the recruiter
2nd interview with CTO
3rd challenge
4th interview with lead developer and CTO

3 month trial period (evaluation after 1st and end of 3rd month)
After trial period 1 month notice
1+ year contract (we are looking for fulltime hire for the long term).

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